Indoor Lamp

Sunset, dusk light

Sunset, a decorative product with  a  strong  scenic  presence, has  completely  reinterpreted  the traditional half sphere shape that  is  linked  to  the  world  of light fixtures in an innovative and contemporary  way.  These  lamps  are made  of  strong  materials  enriched by  bright    and  vibrant  colours and  finishes.  As a symbol  of the fresh  and  current  design,  the  sharp  contours  that  characterize the  collection offer a wide-range of  perspectives  within  the  indoor environment. Sunset is available in 4  different  sizes,  diameters  30, 40, 60 and 80 centimetres, and in different colours. Modifications in colour  and  finish  made  on  request.

Design: Torremato Lab