Industrial designer

Enzo Berti

Enzo Berti’s training was marked by the cultural aspects of studying under Alberto Viani at the Accademia delle Belle Arti (art college) in Venice. 
He went on to take an undergraduate course in Industrial Design at the Architecture Faculty of Venice. 
Berti started working on his career during his studies, designing highly appreciated objects for decorative arts exhibitions in Europe. 
Berti soon revealed himself to be a designer gifted with noteworthy creative capacities and a strong sense of aesthetics. 
His projects clearly show his artistic origins and are never the result of banal technical intuition.

Time and time again, Berti easily finds the best synthesis between form and function, using the specific expressive characters of each material, however low-tech. 
In designing furniture and objects in general, Berti works in a way that seeks to simplify without neglecting details. 
This results in the creation of elements with a soul, in some way connected to history and the environment around us. 
These are powerful objects, traditional to a certain degree, yet they stimulate (almost inadvertently) the process of learning how to see things.

Products produced: